How it Works

Our brokers receive the same fee, no matter the lender you choose.
The surplus, if any, is 100% rebated to you or donated to charity.


Initiate process

See options below or contact us for a free and obligation-free Needs Review and Serviceability check.


Choose your loan

We do the legwork and narrow all options down to three, for you to choose one, taking rebates, if any, into account.


Receive rebates

24 months post settlement the Loyalty Program kicks in and you will receive a rebate from us. Common Sense Terms and Conditions apply.

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Obtaining finance for property investing is our speciality. We are also investors, so we understand where you’re coming from.

How much would you like to borrow?


If you after refinancing your property, we have the know-how. Fast turnaround with free advice and personal service.

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Only pre-existing clients gain access to a range of additional services such as commercial & business loans, insurances and credit cards.

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